Minestack is deeply committed to robust governance, ensuring transparency, accountability, and ethical decision-making at every operational level. By embedding these principles into our corporate fabric, we uphold the highest standards, fostering trust and confidence among our stakeholders, and positioning ourselves as an industry exemplar in responsible leadership and oversight. Governance isn't just a policy for us; it's our guiding philosophy.

Compliance Statement

MINESTACK DMCC, referred to as "the Company", is registered within the Dubai Multi Commodity Centre (DMCC) and joined the recognized roster of Crypto businesses in 2021. Throughout the fiscal year, the Company adhered to the regulatory mandates outlined by DMCC Markets Legislation, in conjunction with the comprehensive guidelines established by the Dubai Multi Commodity Centre, inclusive of DMCC trading regulations.

Code of Ethics and Anti-Bribery

MINESTACK operates with the unwavering intent of fostering a profound and enduring benefit to both the economy and broader society. This drives us to uphold the highest standards of ethical, professional, and legal conduct in every facet of our business. Minestack’s Ethical Guidelines distinctly outline our dedication to global best practices, including but not limited to, safeguarding against conflicts of interest, fraud, unauthorised trading activities, safeguarding confidential data, and opposing all forms of forced labour. To delve deeper into our Ethical Guidelines, a written request is advised.

Foremost among our concerns is the detrimental influence of bribery, which we understand to catalyse political unrest, breed societal unease, diminish institutional integrity, and skew market dynamics. Minestack’s leadership team stands resolute in its stance against bribery, fortifying this position with transparent policies, actionable measures, continuous training, and periodic assessments. To gain insights into our Anti-Bribery Standards, a written application is essential.

We welcome open discussions on anti-bribery measures with communities, industry peers, and other interested parties. For reaching out, you can drop us an email or utilise our digital communication platform.

We envisage our collaborators, including suppliers, consultants, and joint venture partners, to mirror our commitment to ethical standards and opposition to bribery. We urge all associated entities to voice any discrepancies or concerns regarding our ethical conduct via our digital platform.


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