Developing Bitcoin’s Infrastructure

Empower governments and institutions with top-tier Bitcoin mining tech and expert insights for robust portfolios.

What do we do

Minestack stands at the nexus of innovation, digital progression, and sustainable crypto solutions. Beyond premier Bitcoin mining, we craft bespoke blockchain systems and champion sustainability and ethics. Our comprehensive offerings—spanning hardware, software, and decentralised technology—set industry benchmarks, all while prioritising global best practices.

How we do it

Minestack combines advanced technology with sustainability in crypto operations. Our tools optimise performance, while green practices reduce our footprint. Emphasising ethics, we offer tailored blockchain solutions and champion community collaboration and strategic partnerships.


Upholding Excellence in Every Endeavor

1. Compliance Statement

MINESTACK DMCC, is registered with the Dubai Multi Commodity Centre (DMCC) since 2021. Throughout the fiscal year, we've strictly followed DMCC Markets Legislation and the broad guidelines set by the Dubai Multi Commodity Centre, including trading regulations.

2. Code od Ethics and Anti-Bribery

MINESTACK is committed to enriching the economy and society through exemplary ethical and professional conduct. Our Ethical Guidelines emphasise global best practices, safeguarding against conflicts, fraud, data breaches, and opposing forced labour. For a detailed view, request our guidelines.

Leading Bitcoin to New Frontiers



Sustainable Leadership at Minestack

Minestack, a leader in Bitcoin Mining infrastructure, is unwaveringly committed to sustainability. Recognizing the challenges of mining, like energy demands and resource strains, we're innovating to make meaningful changes. Leveraging advanced technologies, we're focusing on reducing our energy footprint, addressing climatic changes, and championing causes like education and social equity.

Our business practices centre on responsibility:

Safety: Adopting stringent safety measures for all stakeholders.

Security: Implementing advanced cybersecurity tools and protocols.

Wellbeing: Prioritising employee health, mental, and physical wellness.

Ethics: Committing to transparency, honesty, and global best practices.

Community Engagement: Actively supporting and fostering local community growth.

Climate Change: Actively promoting renewable energy, resource responsibility, and effective waste management.

People Development: Empowering our team with continuous learning and leadership opportunities.

At Minestack, it's not only about excellent business but ethical and sustainable operations. Our actions echo our values, propelling us toward an ethical, prosperous future.


Ready to shape Bitcoin’s future with us?

Investment in the realm of blockchain and crypto-mining is not just about capital; it's about vision, future-readiness, and strategic growth. At Minestack, we understand the nuanced dynamics of this industry and offer our investors a transparent, profitable, and sustainable pathway to be part of this technological revolution. With a proven track record, innovative strategies, and a global footprint, we are poised to redefine the paradigms of crypto-mining infrastructure.


Curious about how we  can support you in your goals?

At Minestack, we proudly collaborate with a diverse range of partners from various sectors, including hardware, finance, and other associated industries. These strategic alliances enhance our offerings, ensuring that we remain at the cutting edge of blockchain technology and its applications. By combining our expertise with the strengths of our partners, we create synergies that drive innovation, efficiency, and growth. Together, we are not just building a business; we're shaping the future of the Bitcoin industry.


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